Waterfall Street

Do you know the waterfall street near Pune and Mumbai. It is an unexplored area near Lonavala.
Khandi Waterfalls...Many many peoples visiting bushi dam in Lonavala, but I discovered the new place which is 25km from Lonavala and its not wrong , If I will say " Waterfall Street"

To reach this place you have to come to Kanhe phata then take a turn towards Takavw MIDC. After crossing the MIDC your waterfall street will start. First water is shown in first picture below. Some construction work were done and looking as like a bushi dam step. One very big advantage here is, it is a safe waterfall. Second accessible water fall is a Dahuli village. You have to park the vehicle and go by walk. There is a Guha behind this waterfall. If you bring the lunch then you can take in "GUHA", natural home.....

On this street, there are 12-15 waterfalls. After crossing all, don't miss to reach the Ghat Section after Khandi Village...which is the dead end of the road. All street were covered with lot of Clouds and fog...more and more exciting place similar to Mahabaleshwar...Its around 30km from Main road...For food arrangement there are small small local hotels at hardly 2 or 3 locations....Its good if you bring your own food.....I asked one of the local folk about rain.. he says " Here you can't see the SUN for next 3 months...due to continuous rain fall ...non stop...really,,I experienced his words... do you?